The Weirdsphere

Regular Cast

May 20, 2016



Chronic over-thinker. Prone to ‘finding’ underlying philosophical themes even when there definitely are none. Likes to think about the beauty and terror of the vast nothingness of space. His curiosity is likely to kill the cats, himself, and all life on this planet. Geeky loves include Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek, China Miéville, Neal Stephenson and Shirley Jackson i.e. many of the things that Derek hates.


One half of the dreaded McKWalshie. Prone to shouting "spaceships" for no reason. Likes spaceships. Gets irritated with books without spaceships in them. Is also willing to accept spaceprobes, spacetelescopes and spacewolves. Has watched Edge of Tomorrow 2743 times (and counting). Very well adjusted personality.


The Bobcat version 0.1 android is a twitchy model that is prone to hugging human friends with an unnatural force even when they don’t want this. Its major energy input comes from digesting comics, films, TV shows and other media of a geeky nature. Its favourite film is Alien and it is currently working on the creation of a cat/xenomorph hybrid with which it will forge a vast and unbeatable army to wipe out the worst elements of human society.


Key features: Overexcitable geek drowning in books, comics, board games and music.  Rejects the sun and reality in general.  Will be a very kind and slightly ruthless world dictator when his reign begins.  Meal provider and groomer of two small loud cats.

Role models: General Zod, Ming the Merciless, Magneto


The other half of the dreaded McKWalshie.

Likes: gin, super fast speed reading, corgis, 2 for 1 cocktails, playing board games with a reckless attitude, afternoon tea and Gormenghast.

Dislikes: the unnecessary death of dogs in all forms of media, other people’s plans of world domination, eight legged alien bastards (aka spiders) and Russell Crowe.